3 Best Permanent Hair Removal Creams For Your Face

There’s nothing that can match the overall tediousness and frustration that often accompany hair removal. Whether you choose to do it yourself or head over to a parlor and let the experts take care of you, there’s no denying that constant hair removal can be quite a patience-testing and, more importantly, expensive affair.

Common types of hair removal techniques

Shaving is one of the most popular hair removal options but it does come at a price: not only does the hair grow back thicker and darker, but stubble can be quite visible by the end of the afternoon. This can be problematic for women who wear makeup since the stubble becomes even more visible when foundation is applied. While threading and plucking are other viable options, it becomes extremely time-consuming, especially when you have to do it on a daily basis. In some cases, hormonal disorders such as PCOS can also contribute to conditions like hirsutism, where women suffer from excessive hair growth on their chin, upper lip and neck. This is why permanent hair removal rapidly soared in popularity over the past few years.

These creams have been shown to work best with other types of techniques that specifically target the hair from the root. According to customers, these types of creams were especially efficient with waxing and laser hair removal. However, if you’re applying the cream after laser, you do need to speak to the technician about the ingredients in your specific product. In most cases, you do need to wait for a couple of days before applying the permanent hair removal cream to the area of your face or body that underwent laser removal. While waxing has also been shown to work extremely well with these types of creams, it is recommended to not use these products after threading or shaving. This is because these techniques only cut the hair above the surface of the skin and this renders the hair removal cream completely useless.

How to use permanent hair removal creams

These products are not to be confused with depilators, whereby the cream dissolves the hair through the surface of the skin.  In fact, several people tend to give up and get discouraged after seeing no results, but in most cases, this is only because they’re using it wrong:  Permanent hair removal creams are actually applied to the area after you’ve gotten rid of the hair using your regular technique. These creams, oils and lotions work best on clean skin so if you’re waxing, be sure to properly wipe your skin clear of any wax residue afterwards. For best results, it’s highly recommended to massage the cream in the area for around 10-15 minutes. According to the majority of manufacturers, it’s best to use these products at night because that’s when your skin is replenished, allowing the cream to properly penetrate the epidermis, dermis and deeper subcutaneous layer of your skin.

If you have highly sensitive skin, it’s recommended to properly read the ingredients before use. Experts also advise that you do an elbow test prior to starting any new skincare regimen to ensure that you’re not allergic to any ingredients. Another important thing to keep in mind is that hair removal creams that specifically target the legs and arms should never be used on the face since they tend to be far too concentrated for delicate areas like the upper lips, bikini line, chin and cheeks. It’s always best to favor natural products, especially after laser hair removal, since these are far gentler on the skin and tend to reduce the risk of any side effect.

With all these points in mind, let’s move on to three of the best permanent hair removal creams for the face.

Barever Permanent Hair Removal Cream Stop Hair Growth Inhibitor Remover

Permanent hair removal cream for face

Designed to permanently reduce hair grow, the Barever Permanent Hair Cream has received quite a lot of positive reviews attesting to the efficiency of the product. Indeed, most customers found that the natural hair inhibitor worked quite well over the long-term, giving them freedom from everyday hair removal technique and products. Customers also liked the fact that this cream was crafted from 100% natural ingredients and boosted with plant extracts to enhance its efficiency while protecting their skin. According to the manufacturers, this cream also contains Himalayan Spring water designed to hydrate and soothe the skin, simultaneously restricting the growth of unwanted hair.

According to the instructions, customers do need to remove the hair using their regular techniques on the first try before slathering a generous amount on the freshly clear region. According to customers, it’s best to keep gently working the cream into your skin until the cream is completely absorbed. For best results, you should use it twice daily for the five days that follow your routine hair removal session. Barever has also been shown to work quite well with the types of hair removal methods that actually remove the hair from the root. This includes waxing, laser, threading, sugaring and certain types of hair creams. Just be sure to properly clean the area with a gentle cleanser or soap and warm water prior to applying

While the majority of customers did find visible results after long-term use, one or two people did find that the product did not suit their sensitive skin. One person also complained about the scent, but this was not a widespread issue. Overall, this product received quite a lot of positive feedback, and all customers were pleased to receive a pair of traditional multicolored bangles as a gift upon every purchase.

Gutto Essential Ant Egg Permanent Hair Removal Cream
Ant Egg Permanent Hair REmoval Cream

Available in 50ml format, the Gutto Essential ant egg permanent hair removal cream has been hailed by customers as a breakthrough in the hair removal industry. This product actually bases itself on the usage of egg ant oil by the Ottoman women. According to the reviews, this cream does work but only after long-term use. As a result, you need to digialntly apply the cream every night until you start seeing visible results. In fact, according to the manufacturers, this cream has been shown to weaken the hair follicle by 46% while delaying re-growth by 75%. Hair reduction can actually go up to 65%, which is a significant improvement over other lower-quality products on the market.

Because it is a completely natural product, the majority of customers did not suffer from unwanted side effects and rashes, as is often the case with chemically-laden products. Unlike techniques like waxing or depilatory creams, customers claimed that the Gutto Essential Ant Egg was entirely pain free, which made it quite easy and practical for them to use it. The majority of people found visible results after just 4 to 6 sessions, both on the face and body. Some customers claimed that the cream even protected the PH balance while enhancing the overall softness of their skin.

In spite of the overwhelming number of positive reviews, a few drawbacks were still reported about this product. For example, a couple of people claimed that this product did not work on very fine and blond hair. Another customer didn’t like how this product smelled. However, in spite of these isolated negative feedbacks, the Gutto Essential was actually quite well received by most customers.

StopHair 100% Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor Permanent Hair Removal

Stop Hair Growing Spray

Designed to be used after epilating, the 100% Natural Hair Growth Inhibitor Permanent Hair Removal shows plenty of potential through its large number of mainly positive reviews. This product is formulated to naturally slow and eventually stop hair growth with no harmful chemicals or side effects. In fact, StopHair is made from plant-derived ingredients that also contains natural moisturizes, providing a softening effect at the same time. According to the customers, they were able to successfully use this hair-removal cream on problem areas as well, including dry and flaky skin. Because it can be used by both men and women alike, this product can suit the entirely family as well. Customers claim that they’ve been able to successfully reduce hair growth within the space of a few months.

Additionally, several customers were appreciative of the hassle 1-year guarantee that offers a full refund in the rare event that they’re not entirely satisfied with the cream. While using the cream, customers also claimed that the product caused their hair to grow back much softer and finer. While it is a natural product, the cream is clinically tested and patented. In fact, the formula was first developed by Australian chemist Matt Miller, Ph.D. Because it’s so gentle, customers claimed that they were also able to use this hair removal cream on more delicate areas of their body such as the bikini line, underarms and upper lips.

There have been just a couple of reported downsides to using this cream: several people were put off by the smell and just a handful of customers claimed they had a bad reaction to the product. On the whole, however, it was extremely well-received by most people.