How Much Does Electrolysis Cost?

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method approved by the Food and Drug Administration for permanent hair removal.

In contrast, laser hair removal can only claim a permanent reduction of hair.

Considering that it’s a permanent method of hair removal, electrolysis can save money over time when you compare it to a lifetime of shaving, waxing and depilating.

Using a fine, sterile needle, an electrologist directs a small electrical current into the hair follicle, damaging that follicle so that the hair doesn’t grow back.

How much is Electrolysis
Time10 min.30 min.60 min.
Price Range13-18 $34-49 $65-95 $
Average time of 1 complete treatment
Upper Lip15-30 min.
Eyebrows20-30 min.
Chin40-60 min.
Bikini Line1-2 hours
Full Bikini3-5 hours
Underarms40 min.-1.5 hours
Full arms (1 arm)1.5-2.5 hours
Lower legs (1 leg)2-4 hours
Upper legs (1 leg)2.5-4 hours
5-10 complete treatments are needed for permanent hair removal. The electrolysis treatment of a large area can be divided into several sessions.

How much does electrolysis cost? As with the majority of cosmetic procedures, the price will vary depending on a few things.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Electrolysis

  1. Where you live. You can expect to pay more in places with a higher cost of living. An electrologist in a large city will typically charge more than their counterpart in a small town. That higher charge is simply because it costs more for them to cover their expenses.
  2. The area being treated. Electrolysis sessions are almost always billed based on time. If you’re going in for 15 minutes of treatment on your face, you’ll pay less than if you’re going to undergo one hour of treatment on your legs. Naturally, the more sessions you have, the more you’ll pay over time.
  3. Who is performing the treatment? An electrologist who’s been performing the service for many years will rightfully ask for more per session than someone who’s just received their certification.However, this higher cost can be balanced out by the speed and skill level of an experienced electrologist. You might pay a newbie electrologist less, but it may take them more time to complete your treatment.

How to Save Money on Electrolysis

  1. Pay for a treatment package. If you agree to commit to a certain number of sessions, you can often receive a discount on the overall price of treatment. It’s not unusual to be able to save at least 10 percent off the individual treatment cost.
  2. Receive electrolysis at a training school. To receive certification, electrology students must complete a certain number of hours of practice on live subjects.If you’re willing to take the chance of being someone’s first electrolysis client, you can often save significantly this way.
  3. Don’t pluck or wax the area being treated. It’s important that the only hair removal method that you use is shaving. This way, during your sessions, the electrologist will be able to work on hairs that are in their growth phase.Plucking or waxing can slow down your treatment and end up costing you more money.
  4. Get laser hair removal first. One out of the box way to save on electrolysis is first to undergo laser hair removal. Laser removal can only promise permanent hair reduction.Because of that, clinics often recommend that after customers finish treatment at the laser clinic, they receive electrolysis to remove any remaining hairs.

How to Choose a Good Electrologist

The first thing to do when you contact an electrologist is to confirm that they are performing needle electrolysis.

If they are using any other type of hair removal device, such as electric tweezers, it’s not the same method that’s been approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.

If the electrologist is a member of the American Electrology Association (AFA), then you can rest assured they are performing the truly permanent procedure.

When you’ve found an electrologist you think you’d like to go to, ask to set up a consultation.

Some will offer you a free treatment so that you can learn how the procedure works and get to know the electrologist a little better.

Also, by doing this first treatment session, the electrologist will observe your problem areas and your skin and hair’s response to the treatment.

They’ll be able to custom-tailor a hair removal plan for you.

Some questions you can ask an electrologist include:

  • Is their electrolysis device approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal?
  • How much experience do they have with this device?
  • Why is this device the best option for you?
  • Do they have any professional affiliations or certifications?
  • Do they offer guaranteed results?

As with any service, it’s also advisable to check the reviews of past customers.

To find out exactly how much you’ll pay to become hair free in your target area, you’ll need to go to a consultation.

Most electrologists can give you their hourly rates over the phone, but they’ll need to see you in person to determine how many treatment sessions you’ll need.

Based on that number, you can have a good idea of what it’ll cost you to become permanently hair free.

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