Braun Silk-Epil 9 Epilators – Ultimate Review

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 series has a lot of things going for it: It’s incredibly powerful, fast and efficient at removing hair from the body and face — even fine, thin hairs. It’s also a breeze to remove coarse hairs from the root with this epilator.

The Braun Silk-Epil 9 is an epilator that’s designed for use on the legs, body and face.

We like to think of it as the Rolls Royce of epilators, although the price, while high, isn’t out of reach.

It’s powerful and efficient, it can be used underwater and has lots of handy attachments to choose from to make your epilating experience more comfortable.


This pretty epilator is white with purple accents and glam metallic gold lettering that spells out the brand name and model.

It’s made to sit easily in your hand: If you’ve ever tried an electric shaver, it has a similar feel to that.

It’s got a built-in Smartlight that lights up whenever the epilator’s turned on to help you see hairs better.

There’s also a white charging stand that you set the model on when you’re recharging it.

This epilator feels a little heavier than corded epilators because of the weight of the batteries.

Tweezers and performance

Braun Series 9 epilators have 40 tweezers on the epilating head.

These are wet and dry epilators so you can use them in the shower or tub as well as out of the water.

What we like about being able to epilate under water is that warm water relaxes and soothes your skin.

This should make for a less painful experience during epilation compared to epilating dry.

Also, there’s the fact that the hair will get washed down the drain instead of being left all over the bathroom. Less to clean up is always nice.

Speed settings

This epilator has two speed settings:

  • I. Gentle
  • II. Efficient

The Gentle setting turns the tweezing head more slowly than the Efficient setting.

Gentle is recommended if you’re new to epilating or are epilating sensitive areas such as the upper lip.

The Efficient setting moves faster and will pull out more hairs in the same amount of time. It’s also great for removing coarse hairs.


When the Braun 9 epilator is fully charged, it should provide up to 40 minutes of cordless operation time.

However, it seems like using it underwater puts more strain on the battery, and the charge doesn’t last as long.

We think the best thing to do is just charge it every time you use it.

When the battery’s getting low, the charging light will flash red to let you know it’s time to charge. Once the light is a solid green, it’s good to go.

You can’t use this epilator when it’s plugged in, but it’s for a good reason: If you take this epilator into the water when it’s plugged in, you could get a dangerous electrical shock.

Areas it can be used on

This series does it all: legs, body and face.

This is mostly due to the attachment caps that come with it.

The skin contact cap works with body contours, and the facial attachment limits the number of tweezers that remove hair from the face, so you can focus on one small area at a time.

Pain level

Anytime you’re pulling hair out from the root, it’s going to hurt, and using this epilator can hurt just like any other.

It can feel like a temporary burning, stinging or prickling sensation.

The massage rollers help to reduce the pain level, and using the epilator under water in the tub also assists in reducing some of the discomfort.

This epilator can grab really short hairs which makes it less painful, too. Take it from us, epilating long hairs can really hurt!


When you’re finished using this epilator, you can hold the epilating head under running water to clean it.

Then take the epilating head off the epilator body and shake off excess water.

Leave it to dry out completely before putting it back together.

We also like to clean it with the included cleaning brush and some rubbing alcohol.

Even if you mostly clean your epilator under running water, you should clean it with alcohol now and then since the alcohol acts as a disinfectant.


The Braun Series 9 comes with lots of accessories, but the device is the same for all. There are a few different models to choose from, and the accessories that come with them include:

1. High-frequency massage cap. This cap has rollers on it that work to distract you from any pain you feel during epilation.

2. Skin contact cap (some people call it an efficiency cap). This cap allows for the maximum amount of contact between the epilator and the skin. This is the best cap for capturing very short hairs.

3. Facial cap. This cap only exposes a small number of tweezers, so you can remove facial hairs in a focused manner.

4. Facial cleansing brush attachment. The facial cleansing brush cleans skin up to 6 times better than manual cleaning of the face.

5. Shaver head with trimmer cap. You can convert your epilator into an electric shaver with this attachment, and the trimmer cap can be used to trim hairs that are too long before epilating.

6. Cleaning brush. A small, long-bristed brush for cleaning the tweezing head.

7. Storage pouch. It’s nothing special to look at but holds your epilator and its accessories all in one place.

8. Facial epilator – a separate slim device that features a slim head with 10 micro-openings to capture even the finest hairs.

We think the best thing to do is to decide which features are most important to you, and then select the Series 9 epilator model that meets your wish list.

For instance, not everyone needs a facial cleansing brush or electric razor.

Difference from 7 Series

Braun Series 7 was the last model that Braun put out before Series 9. The two epilators are virtually identical: They both have 40 tweezers, and all of the accessories are the same.

However, the Series 9 epilators have a tweezing head that is 40 percent wider than the Series 7 epilators, and the tweezers are arranged differently on the head.

This is supposed to help to catch more hairs, more quickly. In our opinion, if you already have a Series 7 that’s working fine, there’s no compelling reason to switch to the 9.

Wrapping up

We believe the Braun Silk-Epil 9 is the best epilator on the market today.

The price is high, but it’s not crazy for the level of performance and number of accessories you’ll receive. You can use this epilator from head to toe to remove the coarsest of hair as well as the finest.

If you’ve decided that epilating is for you, it’s worth it to buy from Braun’s Series 9.

You can customize your epilator by choosing the model with the accessories you like the most.

Regardless of the accessories you choose, you’ll get the same powerful, attractive Series 9 body and extra-wide epilating head.

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