Laser Hair Removal for Blondes

Laser hair removal has become very popular in the last couple of years. While it is very useful for prolonged hair removal, laser hair removal for blonde hair can require special treatment.

This technique functions the best with dark hair and light skin. When that is not the case, as with blond hair, it may be necessary to find alternative treatments.

How Laser Treatments Work

Laser hair removal is done by using a laser to remove unwanted hair. The lasers used most commonly target the pigment in the hair.

Since these lasers are only able to target black or dark pigments, most blond, grey, or white hair cannot be targeted.

There are a variety of medical lasers used to complete laser hair removal treatments but most of these are only effective for particular skin types and hair colors.

The laser is able to target and warm the darker pigmented hair because the light skin tones do not absorb any of the energy.

Instead, it is all reflected into the darker materials, in this case, the hair follicle.

This warms the follicle, destroying the hair, and damaging the follicle so that it cannot produce more hair in the future.

In some cases, the follicle will eventually be repaired and additional treatments may be needed but this typically takes months, if not longer, to occur.

There is one system called the Elos laser hair removal system that was designed to permanently reduce the growth of hair.

This system combines optical and radio frequency energy to remove the hairs and reduce growth.

Elos Laser System

Elos laser hair removal system is a hybrid system that uses both light energy and conducted electricity.

Treatments conducted with this system have reported fewer side effects then other lasers.

This system functions by sending both light and electric pulses into the hair follicle simultaneously.

This causes the energy to be focused on a follicle that has already been heated by the light pulses.

This results in a stronger effect that is more focused and effective on lighter hair.

Pros of Elos:

  • Longer lasting results;
  • Less discomfort;
  • Effective for all skin types;
  • Effective for all hair colors;
  • Any surface can be created including faces, backs, arms, legs, and bikini lines.

Cons of Elos:

  • A painful procedure;
  • Possible burns and scarring of the skin;
  • A large list of contraindications (e.g. skin diseases, diabetes, coagulation disorders, gynecological and sexually transmitted diseases).

Epilight system

Epilight is another system that has shown some success with blond hair removal.

This system typically produces reliable levels of hair removal for several years after treatment has been completed.

Hair that does grow back after this period of time is often lighter and comparable to baby hair which is much less noticeable then regular hair.

This system requires treatment to be done every four weeks for 3-5 weeks to be fully effective at reducing the hair growth in the desired regions.

Advantages of Epilight:

  • No restrictions on activity after treatment;
  • Able to treat all skin tones and hair colors and textures;
  • This technology allows for custom treatments to be made for each person;
  • There is no preparation needed.


  • Sunblock should be used before the treatment and after;
  • Some redness and local swelling may occur;
  • Procedure sometimes feels like being pinched or snapped by rubber bands, while not outright painful, it can be difficult for some.

Pre-treatment that can improve results

Light hair can be pigmented before the treatment to increase the chances of having long term results.

The pigmenting also makes more laser treatment options available as they make the hair darker and targetable by more standard laser systems.

Meladine is an example of a natural dye that can be used for this purpose. It increases the melatonin in the hair roots and makes them easier to be targeted.

Alternative treatments

Applisonix system can also be used to remove blond or white hairs.

This system uses an ultrasound that is delivered by a stylus like device that grabs the hair.

The ultrasound travels to the root of each hair where it is converted to heat energy. This heat destroys the hair and damages the follicle so that the hair cannot regrow.

The stylus that is used for this system targets a single hair at a time. This means that this system is only practical for small areas of skin or small amounts of hair growth such as on the face.


  • Works on pale hair;
  • Doesn’t require sun avoidance or sunscreen;
  • Pain free;
  • No redness or irritation.


  • Targets a single hair at a time;
  • This makes this treatment unsuitable for large areas such as the legs as each hair would have to be targeted individually;
  • Only hairs long enough to be grasped by the stylus can be treated;
  • Multiple treatments are required that are 4 weeks apart.

While this treatment is currently limited by its focus on a single hair at a time, manufacturers are working to allow it to affect multiple follicles at once.

They are also attempting to develop a unit that could be used in the home instead of needing regular treatments at a facility.

Also, you can get rid of unwanted blond hair by:

These treatments can often be found in the drugstore and offer shorter term solutions for hair removal.

While they do not have the same results as laser treatments they are able to remove lighter hair effectively and may be an acceptable alternative for someone that is either unable to find a center nearby that offers acceptable treatments for light hair or that is unable to have treatments regularly enough to see the desired results.

Laser hair removal has been growing over the last few years.

It began as a technology that was only available to those with pale skin and dark hair that allowed the lasers heat to be properly focused on the follicle without causing skin burns and other damage.

Additional treatment methods are under development all the time with many manufacturers focusing on the development of units that could be used in the privacy of the home and without the regular trips to the facilities for treatment.

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Jaque Christo - January 9, 2018

Thank you for the post on laser hair removal for blondes. I had no idea there was a way for blondes to get laser hair removal. I had always read that if you had blonde hair then laser hair removal wasn’t for you. I will need to look further into any places that may use the ELOS laser system or the Epilight system.

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